Touch too much

It was one of those nights
When you turned out the lights
And everything comes into view
She was taking her time
I was losing my mind
There was nothing that she wouldn’t do
It wasn’t the first
It wasn’t the last
She knew we was making love
AC/DC – Touch Too Much
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This is it
Its time for u to go to the wire
U will hit
Cuz u got the burnin desire
Its your time (time)

Prince – Cream

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Ooh la la

Dial up my number now
Weaving it through the wire
Switch me on, turn me up
Don’t want it baudelaire
Just glitter lust
Switch me on, turn me up
I want to touch you
You’re just made for love
I need la la la la la la
I need ooh la la la la
I need la la la la la la
I need ooh la la la la

Goldfrapp – Ooh La La

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Sex Beat

And every day at three you throw me down by the christmas tree
I watched your lights blink on and off while you start your fun with me
I, I know your reasons and I, I know your goals
We can fuck forever but you will never get my soul
So you can move
So you can move
So you can move
So you can move so you can
Oohh… Sex beat

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Come live with me angel

Ooh ooh ooh this is where all your fantasies end
Let me explore all your treasures
I’ll turn you on to all of those freakish pleasures
Good experienced company
Like me who knows all the ways
Is what you need baby
Just you and me locked up for days
After we eat breakfast in bed
Turn on the music for our head

Marvin Gaye – Come live with me angel

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